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I had no idea Chicago was named after onions.

You learn something new every day. We’ve spent a few months researching fun things to do on our upcoming visit to Chi-town. When Bob said we were heading there to see Pearl Jam, I chuckled because many of our vacations revolve around band stalking. Also, I said last year that I probably wasn’t attending Blogher this summer, but the stars aligned and it looks like I’m going to be working it, which is more my speed.

I’m okay being “those” people that google “top 10 things to do in ____.”  I’ve said this plenty before, no shame. There are three vacation motivating factors for me- booze, food and water. I grew up on an island between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. For people who aren’t familiar, I’m talking about “Buffalo wings, Canadian Beer and Niagara Falls.” We have particular (or peculiar) requirements when it comes to food, drinks and entertainment.

After some searching, I came across a few of the “top 10 best” of Chicago that caught my eye. Apparently the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum has over 1,000 butterfly conservatory. What person with butterfly tattoos all over their back (ahem- hand raised) wouldn’t want to hang around with over 1,000 flying insects? I also want to check out the National Vietnam Veteran’s Museum - I’m curious if I’ll see anything related to my father, which is very possible and would be totally cool. I wasn’t even aware that this existed.

Lastly, I’m super excited for one of my favorite vacation things of all- BOATING. We’re taking a Seadog Lakefront Fireworks Cruise at Navy Pier. Growing up on Lake Erie, we could take our boat down the Niagara River to downtown Buffalo and watch fireworks after a Bisons game. When we took the kids to NYC last Christmas, they loved the boat tour of Manhattan. I’m pumped to do the city boat tour with a fireworks show over Chicago. This is an awesome hook up, I can’t wait. Below is info on their cruises, and can you say “PHOTO OPs?!” #instagramminglikeabawse


Are you ready for an entertaining cruise experience along Chicago’s scenic lakefront? Come out to Navy Pier and let Seadog show you the city April-October, weather permitting. Seadog offers four exciting ways to see and experience Chicago from the water:
Lakefront Speedboat Tour  This 30-minute cruise along the shoreline offers a descriptive tour of Chicago’s famous skyline, while playing your favorite music. 
Extreme Thrill Ride  This cruise is perfect for the dare-devil in you! This 30-minute ride features splash down stops, 180-degree turns, slalom runs and more. 
River and Lake Architectural Tour  Enjoy historic views of Chicago’s famous landmarks and neighborhoods during this 75-minute cruise on both Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. 
Lakefront Fireworks Cruise  Enjoy front-row seats to the spectacular fireworks display aboard our Lakefront Fireworks Cruise! Cruise along Lake Michigan with an exciting speedboat ride paired with an informative tour of the Chicago skyline, then end the evening with a dazzling fireworks show and top-40 hits playing in the background! The open aired vessel allows for panoramic views, providing a perfect view. The Seadog Fireworks Cruise is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays, running from Memorial Day – Labor Day. 
Seadog is great for both individuals and groups. We offer customizable group events for up to 450 people. Seadog also features specific holiday cruises, such as Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Halloween. Not only can you enjoy a Seadog Cruise, but your dog can as well! Dogs ride for free, space permitting.
 For more information, please visit www.seadogcruises.com/chicago/ or call 888-636-7737.

BlogHer Day 1: Boobs, S’MAC-d, Wine, & PediCabs.

I’m going old school and writing my blogher breakdown in multiple posts instead of getting to the point. I already have over 750 entries, I clearly enjoy blabbing about blah blah blah.

If you’re going to follow the story correctly, you have to know who the players are. I write, tweet and talk about Tricia and Kelly constantly because that’s what they pay me for.

I kid.

TPO does her business blogging over at http://www.thesouthernspark.com/

Tweets:  @sparkreviews

And Kelly has 2 bits of business:

her stationery (she makes all of our personalize paper stuff for the bakery!) http://www.polkadotsstationery.com/

Tweets:   @polkadotsinc

as well as her design business http://www.kippypdesigns.com/

Tweets:    @kippy_p

Advert completion. wait, no it’s not. Check out the cards Kelly made me for blogher:

   and  back …..

Side note: they would’ve been scratch and sniff but $200 was too rich for me.

Leaving for BlogHer.

I will never know if it was the sparkles or my underwire bra that gave TSA the chance to cop a feel. But she did.

and the most important meal of the day, brought to you by a natural LaraBar and a bloody Mary.

  ……or two.


We stayed at The Hilton Midtown where the conference was being held. Kelly’s man sent her (read: us) a gift of romance- (thanks, J!!) …and do you see the Great Hall of BlogHer a la scene out of The Shining? Us? LAST room on the right.

Next on the agenda? S’MAC No one in the world is more addicted to mac n’ cheese than Tricia. This is mine. Gluten free Garden Lite. To quote them:

Don’t let the “Lite” fool you – this baby is as satisfying as any of the other MACs! Lite Cheddar, Parmesan, roasted cauliflower and portobello mushrooms, roasted garlic, broccoli and scallions.


Next we bumped into a bar, The Penny Farthing because our bladders said it was time to pee, and our livers didn’t mind a bit.


Thank you to Mindstream Academy for hosting a wonderful party celebrating getting teens fit at City Winery . As a parent of 2 teenagers, I NEED wine. Lots of it.



Dinner. http://nycrg.com/cara-mia/ We ate the most delicious buffalo mozzarella stuffed chicken breast….right now I’m drooling thinking about it.


That little snip of a Broadway stage is ONCE the musical. It was absolutely incredible. We had great seats, not to mention the theatre serves wine in sippy cups so you don’t spill on yourself. Unless you’re Kelly. I’m getting her a bib after this trip.

Not too shabby of a first day. And although the only “work” related function we attended on Day 1 was wine related, that just goes to show how great the 3 of us multitask! We ended the night with a ride from Broadway to the Hilton in the pedicab and yes I video taped and NO it will not be shared.


I am the Squeaky Wheel Queen so…

By writing my hate letter to Delta, I scored $150 voucher for my next flight.

I’ve never dealt with such terrible customer service, or disregard for children in my life. Thanks to incompetence on your part- postponing the flight over and over and finally cancelling it, you left me stranded in the airport with no answers, with 2 babies in my arms. I had a sick 2 year old, and a 9 month old baby. I ran out of food for my infant, and had another child with a fever- BY MYSELF. It wasn’t something uncontrollable like weather, it was incompetence by Delta. To make matters worse, there was another flight going to Charlotte at 5pm. When our flight time was changed to 5pm, the girl at the desk reassured me that we would be boarding ANY MINUTE and I didn’t need to switch flights…yet 8 men were able to get on that flight DITCHING their luggage. I didn’t even HAVE luggage- I had BABIES. Thanks to you I didn’t get my starving baby and sick child home until 11:30pm that night. I’m writing this letter asking for either some kind of compensation, or at least write me back and let me know you could care less so that I start using US Air, considering I fly in and out of Charlotte.
Disgusted, Heather


Go Go Babyz Saved my Sanity!

I have got to plug this baby product because to be honest, I didn’t see much about it on the Internet when I looked. It is this ridiculously simple piece of plastic with 2 wheels at the bottom.You basically click it to the back of the carseat and wa-la it’s a stroller. It was like $80. I opened the box and started laughing…they had to be kidding? GoGo Babyz

We have 4 carseats. I figured I’d take the cheap-o Costco one because it’s really light. This million dollar attachment is about 5 pounds, so it would be a breeze to use in the airport. Well, my cheapo carseat didn’t fit on it without a belt like contraption and it was too much work. The product fits Britax so I grabbed the Marathon and that thing hooked up like a charm.

Let me tell you, this was the best $80 I’ve spent since buying my Ergo carrier. I was able to breeze through the airport with Shaye in the Ergo and Brinn in her Britax on wheels. When we got stuck in the Cincinnati airport (because they were all incompetent morons) for seven hours, Brinn was able to sleep in her carseat and I wheeled her around. It was wonderful. The attachment didn’t need to be taken off on the plane either, I just popped the handle down and slid the plane seat belt through the back. So thank you Go Go Babyz! I’m sorry I doubted that a 5 pound piece of plastic could ever be worth $80.

Also by having the carseat in the airport, I was able to use it as a chair for Shaye too.

Disclaimer: dragging a two year old on the world’s smallest planes with a Britax in one hand, a carry-on bag in the other, a diaper bag backpack on your back, and an infant strapped to your chest might cause some people lose their shit.

ps- gogobabyz did not give this to me, nor did they give me 1 cent for buying this thing even though they linked my blog to their website as “news”.