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9 weeks post demo.

houseshinglesNine weeks ago I almost vomited on the street when I saw the entire house knocked to the ground. Today I actually enjoy driving over there to see the progress.

It’s incredibly strange to see this “new” house transformed, because we didn’t intend on a full demo, people probably drive by and think it just IMG_0741got a face lift.

Or maybe not….

Crazy. I really love that we are staying with the “Tega Cay” look, minus the whole “Polynesian” thing. Unless I find some really great yard ornament to tie it all in. Like a tiki bar on the dock, maybe.

As excited as I get to take pictures of the interior transformation, it just looks like space and sticks. Walls won’t be put up for another few weeks, but here are a few pictures from this week:

housedoor  VS IMG_0752


houefoyer1 foyer housefoyer

A Groin vault was added at the door. The house was previously a box with 8 ft ceilings throughout the up and downstairs. Now, the new mudroom, kitchen, bathrooms, Shaye’s room and the dining (which will be coffered) are 9, the rest have vaulted ceilings.

housestairs foyer1

No more climbing a tunnel, the rod iron railing won’t box in the narrow stairs.

There are no walls on the first floor, no more rat maze–from family room to kitchen, from kitchen to family room.

house2stfloor house1stfloor

The lanai door (wait, is that polynesian??) and beadboard ceilings are so purrtee.

housebackdoor housebeadboard


houseshingles2 and the hardiplank/shake shingle, I love New England style homes, and this is going to be painted “Alpaca”. Because Alpaca sounds fancier than grayish white. Next week the stone goes up in the front, until then, I will leave you with the soothing view of this, while imagining my ever growing pile of bills. Enjoy.

ps- can someone PLEASE come buy my BAX house?? Or send me a statue of St. Joseph, that would be mighty nice, too….


(notice the water is blueish instead of poo-ish today….)


First week complete.

There’s not a lot I can say because the pictures will do all of the talking.friday322-1




Now this:


Mirrors are still up. Weird, right?







Those rooms? GONE. I stood in this corner and took this shot a week ago- VS today.


crazywindowroom bedroom2


fishythingy Even this guy was torn off…friday322-fishtales

I’ve gotten a lot of, “why didn’t you just tear it all down?” Well gosh- I never thought of that!

opinion Just kidding! (No I’m not.)


The house is currently around 2,600 square feet. Behold the family room, adorned with a faux lava fireplace….


and wall mounted bedroom lamps….Goodbye.


The gourmet kitchen before….


and now. 



The special occasion dining room, also, dining rooms are a waste. How many tables do I really need?


Slatted wall dividers. Not sure if those are for style or privacy.


Because who would want to see the view outside to the front or the back?

The “great” room, or living room. Like a fun house, we even have a wall of mirrors.



The after shot is SO MUCH more attractive.


Low and behold- the master suite. Notice they painted “around” the furniture.




 and today it looks like this:

wedmaster1 wedmaster wed4

And that’s just the downstairs. Each day I’m giddy to see what they ripped down next….

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