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That time we chilled with Gigi Levangie Grazer….again.

book club 2.0.

Our book club is pretty bad ass, because it has great ladies in it. Also, some of the great ladies are on twitter. A few years ago some twitter stalking hooked us up with Gigi and we half kidding/half praying asked if she would do a conference call to have a book discussion for http://thestarterwife.com/ (which was a tv series at the time as well!)

She said yes. And it was pretty much THE BEST BOOK CLUB night ever.

….that is, until we did it again this week.

She is ridiculously fun. And we chatted about her book The After Wife….

But truth be told,

I think Gigi was having more fun listening to our lame ass suburban stories than chatting about the book. Basically, it was like a standard book club where we just get together to gossip and drink and she was just a regular member. Cheers, Gigi! you’re an honorary BaxBitchinBoozer Member!

Inside joke (y’all, Gigi can drink and cook and skype at the same time!)