Cupcrazed on Wilson’s World

This is Cupcrazed’s 2nd year participating in the Charlotte “Sweet Tooth Festival”.

me & wilson


Each of the vendors participating in this event are aiding to fund raise for the Charlotte RAIN organization. I get asked for donations, participation, hand outs, freebees, and all kinds of shit every day, all day long. But not only do I love the people who put this event on, the cause is always a great one. The best part about being a small business owner? I get to choose who I give our money to. And trust me, cupcakes don’t make me much. But when I do something with my name, product and my time, you can bet it’s for a damn good reason. Everyone at this event had something wonderful for 300 guests- (that’s a LOT y’all) and these guest are not only there for goodies, but to support a wonderful organization.

Below is the link to our FOX News Rising Spot on Wilson’s World. I am amused that his coworkers thought I made him nervous. Which I may have, as I’m typically unpredictably inappropriate…..and thanks to Steve at Black Lion for thinking we were funny and not ridiculous. (I hope.)


Cupcrazed on FOX

5:30 am, like a boss.

And thanks to Rachel, who chose us to be morning entertainment. ;) I love you as much as I love sushi, and that’s A LOT!

The event was fabulous of course, and I cannot wait to attend again next year. This is what we brought this year. Taste the rainbow!

mom 125





IMG_4544Or to everyone not from that area, Boston.

Those temperatures are completely unacceptable.

I don’t like to be cold, but wanted to see Mumford and Sons, and had never been to Boston. Tricia put her magic spin on the trip (Kelly & Heather, you will do as I say) and reminded us how “affordable” off season travel is. That is, if you don’t factor in multiple bar bills from drinking alcohol in order to stay numb enough not to care it’s below freezing all day.

Not gonna lie, the snow was pleasant and it snowed all three nights we were there. At night it sparkles and looks so charming, Tricia hollering down the sidewalk in awe, mouth gaping open trying to eat flakes, like each time was the first time she’d ever seen snow.


The wind was not so cute. My souvenirs all came from sporting good stores and were labeled “North Face.” Because what could be a more appropriate memento of Boston than ski wear.


 Being inappropriate is kinda my thing. Give me a few bloody mary’s for breakfast after a 12 hour bender and you get this.

IMG_4546 IMG_4548

John Hancock’s grave. The joke is in the design of his headstone.

IMG_4543 IMG_4640

View from the hotel window. It even looks cold, right?

The Omni Parker House is where they “invented” Boston Cream Pie. Bringing food and history together in one place delights me. I am originally from the city known for chicken wings (and unimpressed with snow.)

IMG_4568 IMG_4578

Obligatory bridge shot- The Tobin Bridge and Fenway Park.

Thank you, trolley tour, because city tour buses = destination cliff notes.


 We get down and dirty when we have fun, this moment resulted in us being cut off at the bar.


 And finally the event we went to Boston for in the first place.




Mumford & Sons vs. Superbowl XLVI


Backtrack two months ago. TPO, KP and I were planning a trip to Boston to see Mumford & Sons, because there’s nothing smarter than going to Boston in February.

I’ve never been to Boston but I will forever remember the smell getting off of the plane. Fishsticks.

We dropped our crap at the Omni and headed out to watch Superbowl. Next to our hotel was a little pub, and through the window we saw an empty table. How a pub had any tables open Superbowl Sunday is beyond me, but I guess the disappointed Patriot fans had the I don’t give a shits that night. Our server Shay asked what the hell we were doing visiting Boston in February and we told her. Then she told us a secret.

“They’re eating in the back of the bar.”

And they were. Tricia stalked scoped them out first. She slinked off to the back, was gone about 2 minutes and came back WITH A PICTURE. That dirty bitch. Then I pouted like a 2 yr old for while before she took me back to say hi. I know it’s hard to believe, but I felt awkward as I interrupted this intimate moment where Marcus and Ted are hovered over giant pastrami sandwiches and guzzling a beer, and Winston & gang were laughing and chatting like real people. Tricia introduced me like they were old chums, and we chatted with some of their entourage, telling them all about how Showtime was airing their Road To Red Rocks Special and it was amazing and OMG….

They had NO idea what the hell I was talking about. So we left them to their food. For a few minutes.

Then we told Shay we wanted to buy them all a drink. Because I don’t care how famous you are, free drinks are awesome. She promptly came back and told us we could go back to see them, but the guys would not allow us to buy them drinks (gentlemen, obviously.) You’ve never seen 4 people move so fast. They had a chat with us, and we sat next to them and watched the rest of the game (while staring like freaks). Then I felt bad as they started to get “recognized”, people in the bar noticed the 4 weirdos stalking a group of dudes sitting in the back that had English accents, smoked like chimneys and were all wearing skinny jeans.

Kismet. What were the odds? This was the BEST Superbowl I never watched.



Change is coming to Stepford.

We’re leaving it.

I’m not good at conforming. I’m not like other people. Fitting in is never my goal, I’m just myself. I can’t put on a face and pretend. Living in Baxter has always been awkward for me (hello, I started a blog called Stepfordlife in 2006) but it has been especially difficult since I opened the store. “Don’t shit where you eat.”

I’ve pretty much gone into hiding from BAX activities and people because hiding is comfortable. This suburban neighborhood is filled with perfect rows of cookie cutter tract houses, nice cars, smiling faces, and gifted children. I’m not going to make fun of it, people think it’s fantastic and they love it. It’s just not for me. I tried to make it work but I get bored. And frankly, I’m bored. My business isn’t supported by the neighborhood for the most part, as a matter of a fact, it’s a major source of contention. I don’t have the time nor the patience for bullshit.

We’re moving one town over to Tega Cay -it’s Polynesian for “beautiful peninsula”. It began as a vacation retreat town in the 70′s so as you can imagine, it’s incredibly eclectic. When you drive down the street, you’ll pass round houses, pagodas, McMansions, and cottages. Yards might have pristine landscaping, no landscaping, a statue of a giant Buddha, or a kegerator built on the front porch.

We looked at probably 20 houses, and then we saw this.

Unfortunately, it also comes with this.

You might not think it’s that bad, but it is. Don’t worry, the pictures of the interior will be coming- as well as the duck wallpaper, pony walls, mirrored doors and a shower stall in the garage. I will be sharing all of the amazing views inside of this glorious piece of 1970s history while documenting the renovations as we go.

I’m upping my antidepressants, looking for another job to help pay for this monstrous undertaking, and will most definitely post the crazy while molesting pinterest, begging for advice from my friends, and tweet stalking Jeff Lewis. God knows I need all of the help I can get.

My only hope is that I don’t end up on an episode of Snapped.

But the kids and the dog are excited. And so am I. Bob and I grew up on an island, and the house I grew up in was on the Niagara River. While it’s certainly no great lake like Erie or Ontario where I grew up, Lake Wylie will do just fine.


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