Some of the house will stay the same.

And by “some” I mean the garage. And by “same” I mean, the location. Want to see why?

Not so bad, but you may notice a few fun details like:

The ever elegant popcorn garage ceiling.
But this is NOT the star of this show. Instead, it’s this treasure:

 the “outdoor” shower. Even though it’s a real shower stall, that should you know, be in a bathroom surrounded by real walls. In this case the shower is technically indoor if you count the garage door, but still outdoor because it’s not officially inside the living area. Unless I decide to live in the car, at least I will have a place to wash up. It reminds me of camping, which would be fun if only it was a “vacation” home and not a “for real” home.

Wait, whoa! Check it out, when you enter the house from the garage, you get a glimpse of the laundry room/ hole of hell. Laundry is hell, so this is fitting.

The laundry room has no light in it. Not kidding. It will be a sensory overloaded experience to do my laundry Stevie Wonder style in the dark.

As you enter the hallway, which will remain in the same spot but will be different… find the last man standing. The downstairs guest bathroom. What color paint was on the $3 discount shelf at Lowe’s? THIS ONE.

Happy Halloween Horror Bathroom. I hope no one over 5 ft 2 sans hunchback tries to pee in this bathroom. If you do, your head might receive a popcorn ceiling massage.

And that’s it. Everything else changes. And yes, my blog is basically going to become a photo *slash* caption post page. It’s just so hard to be witty about this many ridiculous things I can just post pictures of.

The good news is that the house now looks like this:


How many rips does it take to get to the original flooring?


Still counting.


What we think of YELP. (via Charlotte Observer)

Here’s the link to our interview with Marty Minchin of The Observer.

We love yelp. We use yelp. But we don’t totally agree with all of the stuff that other guy in the article said. Typically, if someone has something negative to say about a business, it ends up on the internet. Sadly, people have a habit of criticizing small stuff before businesses have a chance to correct an issue.

Lucky for us, we are so small that we can acknowledge issues with our customers on a one on one basis. And even luckier, we don’t have people get upset over things often. Complaints we receive are usually “why didn’t you make anything with peanut butter today???” (for real, #1 complaint.)

So thank you, people who know how to use social media outlets, the people who don’t just complain, but know how to tell us when we do a good job, too. Because we really do try every day to make sure everyone enjoys our desserts. We work too hard for people to think we suck. Thanks for your business, as it’s the customers that make us a success!



That time I met Andy Cohen…


Everybody that knows me, knows that I am a Bravoaholic. I have been since laying my fat pregnant ass on the bed watching Season 1 of Real Housewives of the OC, and from there I was hooked. I’ve blogged/rambled about some episodes and characters, I even had a facebook conversation with Tamra Barney a few years ago because I was being creepy and obsessed one day. (I was not rude, I’m not that creepy….more like Mandie’s hand in the above picture creepy….) I’ve also blogged about the crazy Real Housewives Barbie cakes I’ve made for Tricia:

first was Kim Zolciak with her “ring on it” cigarette, wine and a baby-

then there was Teresa Guidice, whom I met but I don’t think she loved it….

photo (1)and then Tricia’s birthday cake last year, Taylor Armstrong:


(yes, I’m super lazy and screen shotting instagram- I’m on my 3rd busted laptop in a year thanks to my tiny 4 yr old terrorist). ANYWAY.

We heard Andy was coming to town as the guest speaker for the first “Shine For Women” event uptown. The event raised money for various cancer organizations throughout the city. Andy was headliner and host, joined by the Shades of Pink choir from ATL, and Jeanne Jolly from Raleigh (who has one hell of a voice, y’all.)

So Tricia knows people and those people got us in with Andy. Nobody I know is kooky crazier for Bravo than Tricia, Mandie and myself. And then the plan began. Barbie? Sort of.

Andy got a “Ken-dy” cake:

Mandie did the real “cake”- stache-tabulous and BRAVO logo while Andifying Ken, Susie and I did the cupcake bottom. Royal pain in the ass, but Andy was worth it.

Here’s the construction site.

So we were able to have a chat with him, but the best part of all? “Ken-dy” is sitting on Andy’s WWHL dressing room table. We know this because we stalk follow him on twitter.


Mind blown. Even if he was tweeting about the cool candle someone gave him, and not his doll, but whatever. We met Andy and accidentally ended up at the P!nk concert. Pretty much the best night since Mumford...


And So It Begins: Renovation “Polynesian Palace”

This is the first post. I only have patience to post the outside of it right now, as the inside is …overwhelming. MAJOR understatement.

Welcome to my newest chapter of chaos. Behold the beauty….Okay, seriously. Not my steering wheel, or the trash cans. Try and look PAST the house. Yeah, that.


The Polynesian Palace in all of its 1970s glory. Yes it’s March, but why would I bother taking down the Christmas wreath that’s been attached to the siding for 3 years? It’s like a beauty mark (a malignant one.)


The humble abode is so unique that it has not one, but two front doors. Not to be mistaken for a regular double door, it is a TRUE “double door” entrance.


The gentle slope of the front yard just makes you want to run up the hill belting out “the sound of music.” The hills are alive until you bust your face tripping on the 7,000 “gum tree” balls.


Sadly, those streaks in the sky are not torpedoes shot to seek and destroy.


It is always wise to plant giant privacy hedges to block the view of the lake. I would hate for some boaters to go whizzing by and see me eating a sandwich.


More gum balls and bushes and a tree that’s about to fall on the neighbor’s roof on a gusty day.


At least the siding is in great shape. I can harvest the mold for penicillin.


Hey, your crack is showing.


I’ve seen some pretty classy patios with wood ceilings, but this gem has vinyl siding.


The not so feng shui rock garden.


Last but not least? The hanging tree, for when the bills start rolling in.

The challenge is to make everything you see in these pictures, nothing like they are now.IMG_0897But I have luck on my side. I found it hammered into the garage wall.



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