A cupcake that speaks for itself, Equality.


It’s true, I had no idea how crazy people would get over a cupcake. An innocent cupcake with an equality symbol on it. Our Facebook page turned into a war zone:

Jenny O. At the Fort Mill Times reiterated everything I have to say on it:


The news interview links are:




(Ps-typing on an iPad sucks SO BAD. The links probably won’t work, either.)


First week complete.

There’s not a lot I can say because the pictures will do all of the talking.friday322-1




Now this:


Mirrors are still up. Weird, right?







Those rooms? GONE. I stood in this corner and took this shot a week ago- VS today.


crazywindowroom bedroom2


fishythingy Even this guy was torn off…friday322-fishtales

I’ve gotten a lot of, “why didn’t you just tear it all down?” Well gosh- I never thought of that!

opinion Just kidding! (No I’m not.)


The upstairs wasn’t worse, but it wasn’t better.

So now it’s time to head upstairs…the window lets in light, but you can’t look out of it.




At the top of the stairs it was plate glassed off and the bi-fold door is very beachy.


This is my favorite room in the house, and I’ll explain why. See the toilet and the pony wall? The first time I came in the house I stared at it long and hard. I couldn’t figure out the set up. I get having a pony wall for privacy and mounting the toilet paper holder, but the location was SO odd.


Hmm- there’s nothing on the other side of it. Why on earth would you have a half wall and an empty space? Sit down on the toilet.

OH! Super smart, now the cars driving by can’t see you on the shitter! So now:



Below is bedroom 1:


Bedroom 2 is in the front of the house, it has a tiny window that doesn’t even meet code to be considered a bedroom. Between that window, the wall of mirrors (a mirrored bedroom? Pervs) and the mallard duck wallpaper, I was really torn up about changing anything in here.



Bedroom 3 & 4:





mom 023

It kind of reminds me of a rotting corpse when I look at this mess….



The house is currently around 2,600 square feet. Behold the family room, adorned with a faux lava fireplace….


and wall mounted bedroom lamps….Goodbye.


The gourmet kitchen before….


and now. 



The special occasion dining room, also, dining rooms are a waste. How many tables do I really need?


Slatted wall dividers. Not sure if those are for style or privacy.


Because who would want to see the view outside to the front or the back?

The “great” room, or living room. Like a fun house, we even have a wall of mirrors.



The after shot is SO MUCH more attractive.


Low and behold- the master suite. Notice they painted “around” the furniture.




 and today it looks like this:

wedmaster1 wedmaster wed4

And that’s just the downstairs. Each day I’m giddy to see what they ripped down next….

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