Hassles and Headaches of a Remodel Project

Designing our kitchen was one SERIOUS headache. It took 3 months to figure out what colors to go with, so that our not so pretty kitchen cabinets didn’t look PINK. Sounds easy, almost stupid, but they are a weird color. Go too red, pink. Go yellow/green/ cream- pink. So I decided we needed to go with browns, to pull out the brown in the wood.

The easiest part was the granite. We walked into the warehouse, and it took us about 3 seconds. The woman said, “no one should decide that fast, keep looking”. Um, no. I am picky, this is what I want, now WRITE IT DOWN. I chose 3 slabs, and I chose them because they were one of a kind, beautiful and unique, with natural flaws and giant hunks of quartz in them. I was particular and specified EXACTLY where they were to go. I had to pay to upgrade to this.

And guess what….they did it wrong. WRONG. WRONGGGGGG!

Those non-English speaking fools show up and nearly set me into cardiac arrest. They hacked up my beautiful stone, they avoided the flaws (the reason I chose it in the first place) cut parts out that were supposed to be there. The island piece had a section of quartz in it the size of 2 basketballs, Gone. I CHOSE that specifically. I don’t even “see” the 1 slab I had picked out.

Does it look nice? Yes. But it’s all wrong. I felt like a kid who just had their favorite toy smashed and broken. I was so excited about this project and ended up nothing but pissed. I am so sick of people not doing things right. I’m tired of buying things that don’t work or are wrong or just screwed up!!

Motto for the day. Have low expectations, that way you’re never left disappointed.

Anyway, here are pictures.




Happy Thanksgiving 2006!

5 months now.
Brinn is awesome at grabbing things, especially mom’s hair! She can pick up toys and everything else she can get her tiny hands on… of course she immediately puts it/whatever/stuff into her mouth!
She has started to hang out in the exersaucer, and can sit up in the stroller now by herself. She rolled across the floor for the first time when grandma/pa/and aunt Tara came for Thanksgiving, rockin’ and rollin’ like a superstar.
Yup, she’s awesome.
I snuck her a little taste of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner, but that was pretty much it. She is finally eating a little rice cereal and bananas, and loves it!

It’s official. Welcome to Stepford.



I had just about enough of Charlotte, and their overcrowded schools, classrooms in trailers, and douchebag Superintendents. I had been teaching across the border and my district was #1 in the State. Bob and I decided that it would be best to get out of the city. Not only were the schools better, there’s less traffic, crime, taxes are lower…..and there’s a Starbucks in the neighborhood I want to live in. Sweet.
We looked at 17 houses in Stepford, and 5 outside of the neighborhood. We knew that Stepford was the best choice. It’s own library? School? Shops? Restaurants? Y? You must be kidding! I can walk to everything? 3 parks for the kids? 2 pools and a waterpark? Every street is tree lined. Every bush, plant, and rock has a place and by the way you had to get permission to put it there from the Stepford “committee”.
After looking at those 17 houses, we still hadn’t found the right one. Our house had sold in 6 days, and we needed to get something done and fast. Finally our realtor talked us into seeing the house I didn’t really care for. The turn off? The color. Seafoam green. Ah. Not really what I was looking for, but okay let’s have a look see. I walk inside and immediately know we are moving in. They have a pug.
We put an offer in on it that afternoon, and the deal was made the next day.
August 1, 2006 it was officially ours!

Pregnant! 2006

Belly Shots, from 4mo-9mo

In April 2006, I turned 30. I woke up one morning that August with the strangest feeling. I couldn’t put my finger on it…what was this “feeling”?

Contentment? Yes.
Happy? Yes.

Baby Fever.

What the hell is this?????

I turned to Bob, (we had never had this conversation) I was scared to even mention it. Bryce was turning 11, and Maeve had just turned 6. We had never planned a baby. We had never really talked about having a baby BEFORE being pregnant. How would he respond to this?

So I tell him one morning, “we need to talk about something”. He nods, and says he thinks he knows what I’m going to say. Oh please, men think they know everything, but there is NO way he’ll get this right. I said, “really, this is something you’d never expect from me”. He nods, and tells me he’s pretty sure he can guess. Of course I still doubt that he will get it right.

“I want to have another baby.” I said.

He tells me, “I knew it”.

Shocked, I asked him what he thought. His reply was “sure, let’s try.”

Now, I got pregnant twice by accident. Did we really think there would be much trying involved???

Cycle 1, beginning of September 2006. Project Baby is underway.
Cycle 1, end of September 2006. Mission complete.

Pregnant. 2 more tests confirm, pregnant. How about 1 more?

Yup, pregnant.

*happy dance! happy dance!* let the vomiting commence.

The first trimester was a gas. Gained over 25 pounds by the half way mark. It’s amazing you can gain so much weight while vomiting SO much.

At 20 weeks pregnant we had our ultrasound. I was so excited I could barely stand it. The baby had to be a boy. Yes, I’m positive. Completely and utterly sure this is a boy, because only a boy would torture me and force me to stare in a toilet day in and day out. Let’s name him Quinn. Perfect, love it.

The legs spread. Full eagle shot. I see a cheeseburger, and that means a girl.
I silently gasped. I could think of only 1 thing, another Maeve. Drama. Hormones. Uh oh. And her name, let’s call her Brinn. At least it rhymes.

The full 38 weeks I spent vomiting at home, at work, out and about, in the parking lot of Outback (damn those stupid bloomin onions!). School ended Memorial Day weekend and I was at my wits end with the pregnancy. But the worst part was that the baby wasn’t moving much. I didn’t remember this, and of course got paranoid. The dr couldn’t fit me in that day, “not an emergency, wait for your appointment on Thursday.” It was Monday. So I decided it would be a grand idea to have myself a tasty little castor oil shake. MMM. Rumor is, unless you’re “ready” it won’t work. The worst thing that could happen, I might puke again or god forbid get the shits.

Here’s the recipe.

2 oz castor oil
2 raw eggs
10-12 oz organic chocolate milk.

Mix and suck it down as fast as humanly possible. Better yet, plug your nose, suck through a straw, and remind yourself that this crap just might work.

I gagged a lot, but didn’t even pass gas. What a bummer. I cleaned the house and suffered through my typical obnoxious braxton hicks. Then something changed. Yep, this might just be labor. We took the dogs for a walk with the kids for 2 miles and I was in labor for sure.

Off to the hospital! I get there, and they decide they’re annoyed since I’m only 38wks pregnant and ONLY 3 cm dilated. The dr on call is a bitchbag, and I do not like her one bit. She tells me that I will most likely be going home in the morning. They knock me out with a hammer…I mean drug and I felt like utter shit. When I woke up, my favorite angel, Dr. Nicholson, came in. He said, “the baby isn’t moving around much, so we’re going to break your water and have a baby today, okay?” Ok? I love you! Yes, I really and truly love you. Break that water, let’s go!

My darling baby had her cord all wrapped up around her neck, her heartbeat was low all night, and the doctor said most like THAT was the reason she wasn’t moving. Sometimes, no- more than that, mom’s intuition is correct when something is not right.

Miss Brinn Margeaux was born on the most appropriate day for a witch like me.

Tuesday, 6.6.6 at 4 pm on the dot. 7lbs 5oz.

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