When you just can’t keep up.

“I can’t keep up with anything”.

The house is never the way I want it, I don’t spend enough time with the kids, or at work doing things I WANT to try due to lack of motivation (unless it’s 2am and I can’t sleep) and I look around and often think- maybe I should just choose one thing and do it properly.

Then I remember who I am and why I am this way and figure screw it.”

I’ll pour the glass of wine.



Maeve is an incredible athlete.

Every sport she tries, she does well at. I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom. Trust me, she can be a royal pain in my ass. But when she played soccer she was the leading goal scorer. When she tried gymnastics, she was able to do a cartwheel on a balance beam in 8 weeks. Just last year she decided to take acrobatics and at 5 ft 5 mastered an arial.

Maeve has been swimming in Stepford for a few years. She’d never once had a lesson, and was swimming with the fastest group of kids by the end of her first summer.

But she’s lost her focus, tonight was her retirement. A part of me is sad that she gets bored so quickly with things. A part of me is thrilled because swimming = heat and smelling chlorine and being at 7 hr meets….in all seriousness, maybe she’ll change her mind next year…?


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