Nothing says “I love America” like leaving the country.

for 4th of July. Off to Punta Cana!

We ate, we sat, and the kids had a blast.

The only other islands we’ve visited in the Carribean are Nevis and St. Kitts. (No desire to return to either) While Punta Cana was beautiful, I probably wouldn’t go back only because there are so many other islands to see.

We stayed at Club Med, an all inclusive is a great thing when traveling with kids, or for drinkers like us. My only complaint was the language barrier, as it’s a French resort. Since all of the children spoke French, my kids wanted no part of the fun kid camps.


Tree climbers and sand wedgies.


relaxing “their own way”.


all you can eat, and archery.

We also took a glass bottom boat ride and for Maeve’s birthday, she swam with the dolphins. The pictures are on her camera, but they don’t really let you “swim” with them or touch them which is good for the animals.

Happy 13th birthday, Miss Maeve!

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