BlogHer Day 1: Boobs, S’MAC-d, Wine, & PediCabs.

I’m going old school and writing my blogher breakdown in multiple posts instead of getting to the point. I already have over 750 entries, I clearly enjoy blabbing about blah blah blah.

If you’re going to follow the story correctly, you have to know who the players are. I write, tweet and talk about Tricia and Kelly constantly because that’s what they pay me for.

I kid.

TPO does her business blogging over at

Tweets:  @sparkreviews

And Kelly has 2 bits of business:

her stationery (she makes all of our personalize paper stuff for the bakery!)

Tweets:   @polkadotsinc

as well as her design business

Tweets:    @kippy_p

Advert completion. wait, no it’s not. Check out the cards Kelly made me for blogher:

   and  back …..

Side note: they would’ve been scratch and sniff but $200 was too rich for me.

Leaving for BlogHer.

I will never know if it was the sparkles or my underwire bra that gave TSA the chance to cop a feel. But she did.

and the most important meal of the day, brought to you by a natural LaraBar and a bloody Mary.

  ……or two.


We stayed at The Hilton Midtown where the conference was being held. Kelly’s man sent her (read: us) a gift of romance- (thanks, J!!) …and do you see the Great Hall of BlogHer a la scene out of The Shining? Us? LAST room on the right.

Next on the agenda? S’MAC No one in the world is more addicted to mac n’ cheese than Tricia. This is mine. Gluten free Garden Lite. To quote them:

Don’t let the “Lite” fool you – this baby is as satisfying as any of the other MACs! Lite Cheddar, Parmesan, roasted cauliflower and portobello mushrooms, roasted garlic, broccoli and scallions.


Next we bumped into a bar, The Penny Farthing because our bladders said it was time to pee, and our livers didn’t mind a bit.


Thank you to Mindstream Academy for hosting a wonderful party celebrating getting teens fit at City Winery . As a parent of 2 teenagers, I NEED wine. Lots of it.



Dinner. We ate the most delicious buffalo mozzarella stuffed chicken breast….right now I’m drooling thinking about it.


That little snip of a Broadway stage is ONCE the musical. It was absolutely incredible. We had great seats, not to mention the theatre serves wine in sippy cups so you don’t spill on yourself. Unless you’re Kelly. I’m getting her a bib after this trip.

Not too shabby of a first day. And although the only “work” related function we attended on Day 1 was wine related, that just goes to show how great the 3 of us multitask! We ended the night with a ride from Broadway to the Hilton in the pedicab and yes I video taped and NO it will not be shared.


Why is a cupcake baker going to BlogHer?

In 2006 I started putzing around on this little blogspot I named Stepfordlife. I moved to a new town and neighborhood and immediately felt like I didn’t fit in. To vent my frustration, I began to write about the hood, my kids, food, farts in the wind. It gave me something to do, because the mundane of staying home with my kids- I could only find solace in hiding behind a locked bathroom door with the fan on to muffle the crying and hide the mess. In between my snark (which has all been deleted per my Stepfordesque landlords who own my Cupcrazed building and made me take it all down before letting me have my lease)  I started to mess around in my kitchen. Back in 2007 there weren’t as MANY blogs, so when a big wig site like would just send me free stuff, I was too clueless about writing reviews (ha!), regardless, they kept sending me free things. Within months I was baking for people.

One day my girlfriend Alex brought me a present. Martha Stewart’s CUPCAKE cookbook. And that was it, and I found my niche. Someone would order cupcakes, two people from that party would order, and the pyramid cake project was underway.

Go back a few years ago, in 2009 I did an entire month of cupcake recipes and experiments on this blog while trying recipes. In 2010 blogged about the trials and tribulations of trying to open the shop- writing business plans (67 pages, baby) getting the loan,  landlords wouldn’t allow me to have a rental space because they had no faith in my ideas….

I’m not a great writer, or even a good writer, but this is my little space to do as I please.

It’s the space I started writing while thinking, creating, and dreaming.

Now? I figure out where to go from here. Hiding in my house in a pool of depression isn’t cutting it. I want to continue talking about life and the mundane while mocking it sometimes, but I’m going to expand. We have tons of people who like us on facebook and twitter, so why not show people what goes in in the kitchen, too? Time to expand into video vlogs, write ups, funnies, get feedback and post pictures of the store. And sharing stories, because some of the crap that we deal with on a daily basis would blow your mind. Let’s just say, cupcakes bring out the crazies.

My lease on the shop is up in a year, so I’m going to spend the next 12 months doing what I damn well please.

Starting with BlogHer in NYC.



My Summer.

That sums up my summer. When depression hits, my brain shuts down, and it really sucks. I’ve spent the entire summer trying to find my “give a shit” again. I’ve tried a buffet of medications, exercising, changed my appearance, my diet for the 4,573 time…and now I’m back in therapy. Why does everything have to be so difficult all of the damn time.




That time we chilled with Gigi Levangie Grazer….again.

book club 2.0.

Our book club is pretty bad ass, because it has great ladies in it. Also, some of the great ladies are on twitter. A few years ago some twitter stalking hooked us up with Gigi and we half kidding/half praying asked if she would do a conference call to have a book discussion for (which was a tv series at the time as well!)

She said yes. And it was pretty much THE BEST BOOK CLUB night ever.

….that is, until we did it again this week.

She is ridiculously fun. And we chatted about her book The After Wife….

But truth be told,

I think Gigi was having more fun listening to our lame ass suburban stories than chatting about the book. Basically, it was like a standard book club where we just get together to gossip and drink and she was just a regular member. Cheers, Gigi! you’re an honorary BaxBitchinBoozer Member!

Inside joke (y’all, Gigi can drink and cook and skype at the same time!)

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