Full of Bull since 1975. 

(blogging about it since 2006.)

Reality is overrated.
Welcome to my life of satirical suburban chaos.
My initials spell HAM. Which is ironic because I detest ham, but I’m crazy about bacon.
Some people call me cynical, some call me comical, but usually it’s just the bipolar talking.
My husband and I have been together since we were 15 years old. There is nothing like teen pregnancy to make you realize ”LIFE” is not always a board game. (Although, when I would play “Life” as a kid I always wanted to fill my car with little stick babies. And this is called KARMA.)
I like to cook and bake. It gives me something to do when I’m not on Twitter or neglecting my children for reality tv.
So here we are, and now I opened a bakery. I used to blog about the aches and pains of parenting, the best way to wash poo covered cloth diapers, or the worms in my compost. Now I talk way too much about cake and cake related whatnots.
I live in a place that looks like Stepford, but I’m not a Stepford Wife. I prefer tattoos over batteries, and Peg Bundy to June Cleaver.
If you want to contact me, you can reach me at heather@cupcrazed.com
On twitter,
@stepfordlife is my personal account. It’s for people, not business promotion stuff so if you follow it and you’re not a person, or better yet a strange person, I probably won’t follow back.
@cupcrazed that’s still me as well as my “goddesses”. Cheers!



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