Cupcrazed is my 5th child, born in 2010.

It may or may not be up for adoption in 2013, depending on how the new meds are working.

Three months after I opened, Food Network recruited me for Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars”.

Apparently my application answers were just mentally unstable enough that they wanted to gamble.

Who knew that my sisterinlaw Debbie would make us look like pyromaniacs.

And we won $10,000.

Nine months later we shot the season premiere of Cupcake Wars “Cupcake Champions”

and proved we were champion losers but it didn’t matter because our hair looked great.

You can stalk the shop a few ways:

Cupcrazed on Facebook.  Somehow we’ve managed to make a few people “like” us.

Cupcrazed on Twitter. I typically take the lazy way out and just push tweets from facebook to twitter. Yeah, I’m that guy. But once in a while we log into the account after a few glasses of wine and humanize it a little.

Cupcrazed BLOG. We have tons of amazing ideas to share, sadly this blog is just as neglected as that blog. We’re working on it.



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