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8 weeks post demo.

I haven’t been slacking on updates because I’m totally sucking, but we are still at that place where pictures aren’t fun because the changes are subtle. “Oooooh, look at those beautiful cable cords!”

No. But there are some minor updates I can finally post. Never thought I’d be excited about the words “insulation” or “drywall”. Ooooh, insulation! Like cotton candy for the walls.

IMG_2084 IMG_2121

And the stone out front is done, finally coming together!

IMG_2080 IMG_2081

I’m looking forward to the day there’s no giant dumpster and a porta-toilet out front so I can take better pictures of the front! The house will painted soon, but the deck has been a nightmare and had to be ripped off and redone. I’m dying to move past this part, and start picking out the fun stuff.


April 15th-20th house update.

I hadn’t been over to the house for a few days, and headed over on Monday afternoon.
I saw this:
mom 439Yeah, that use to be the house. Once I was able to stand, and pulled my upside down head from between my legs and the panic attack subsided, I did see something going up

mom 436

The 12 foot rear addition. And with that, I had to leave. Two days later it was better:

mom 450


and by Friday we officially were going in the right direction…..UP.

mom 528 mom 527


Okay, walls going up. The 12 foot addition is added to the back, and I can make out the rooms on the 1st floor. The biggest change to the house was adjusting the original floor plan (which sucked because it was awkward). What use to be a family room is now a kitchen and pantry.

fireplace1  fireplace2

friday322-kitchenfamilyroom mom 512

The wall left of the fireplace use to butt up to the garage, but we replaced that space with a walk in pantry that will have an entrance in/out to the garage.

foyer dining


dining room lost all of its walls, because they were stupid.

mom 477 mom 491

 family room changes:

fam2 fam5


mom 475 mom 476


Tunnel hall is how a mudroom:

hall mom 479


and the Master changes include the former little walk in connected to bath, is now to separate master walk-ins.

master mom 481

master1 mom 485


What use to be a wall on the left, was bumped into living room space to make a new bathroom.

master2 mom 480


I really cannot believe how fast things can move. I have a feeling if everything goes according to plan, this coming week is going to fly. (I hope!)




Change is coming to Stepford.

We’re leaving it.

I’m not good at conforming. I’m not like other people. Fitting in is never my goal, I’m just myself. I can’t put on a face and pretend. Living in Baxter has always been awkward for me (hello, I started a blog called Stepfordlife in 2006) but it has been especially difficult since I opened the store. “Don’t shit where you eat.”

I’ve pretty much gone into hiding from BAX activities and people because hiding is comfortable. This suburban neighborhood is filled with perfect rows of cookie cutter tract houses, nice cars, smiling faces, and gifted children. I’m not going to make fun of it, people think it’s fantastic and they love it. It’s just not for me. I tried to make it work but I get bored. And frankly, I’m bored. My business isn’t supported by the neighborhood for the most part, as a matter of a fact, it’s a major source of contention. I don’t have the time nor the patience for bullshit.

We’re moving one town over to Tega Cay -it’s Polynesian for “beautiful peninsula”. It began as a vacation retreat town in the 70′s so as you can imagine, it’s incredibly eclectic. When you drive down the street, you’ll pass round houses, pagodas, McMansions, and cottages. Yards might have pristine landscaping, no landscaping, a statue of a giant Buddha, or a kegerator built on the front porch.

We looked at probably 20 houses, and then we saw this.

Unfortunately, it also comes with this.

You might not think it’s that bad, but it is. Don’t worry, the pictures of the interior will be coming- as well as the duck wallpaper, pony walls, mirrored doors and a shower stall in the garage. I will be sharing all of the amazing views inside of this glorious piece of 1970s history while documenting the renovations as we go.

I’m upping my antidepressants, looking for another job to help pay for this monstrous undertaking, and will most definitely post the crazy while molesting pinterest, begging for advice from my friends, and tweet stalking Jeff Lewis. God knows I need all of the help I can get.

My only hope is that I don’t end up on an episode of Snapped.

But the kids and the dog are excited. And so am I. Bob and I grew up on an island, and the house I grew up in was on the Niagara River. While it’s certainly no great lake like Erie or Ontario where I grew up, Lake Wylie will do just fine.


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