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Wow, I still suck at blogging.

goodthingsNot that it really matters, but I just realized it’s been 3 weeks since I updated about the house. To be honest, there are only so many pictures of sticks and wood I can post, hoping you’ll turn your head cockeyed and “get” what I’m trying to show you. Also, it rained for 3 weeks, annoying me, and I avoided the house like a plague while trying to get my BAX house organized enough to put it on the market. (it’s for sale, please buy it.)

It’s also annoying that I have an abundance of things I can easily blog about, and then I don’t. Probably because I don’t always care. Or I care at 2:30am when something stupid pops in my head and I’m like, “hey, I should totally write something about ____ .” (and proceed to forget what that fantastic topic was by the morning anyway.)

Hard to believe for some, who are always saying how busy THEY are, I actually am a busy person. Thank you, mania, for allowing me to manage 4 kids, moving/selling a house, packing, building a house, having a business (that is busy and awesome and full of great employees (right now, haha))…But you get what you give. I am not an ass sitter. Today I had time to sit, and I’m blogging. I want to drink a cocktail but I have “pre-k graduation” in an hour and don’t want to smell like “that” mom.

I had intended on going to Bloggy Boot Camp this weekend hoping once again that it might motivate me. But, nah. I’ll drink wine, read D Listed , stalk HOUZZ and post stupid pictures to instagram instead.

So a short re-cap of the past 3 weeks of Heatherdome. I know you’re pumped to read this, all 3 of you, who were with me for all of it most likely…


Tracy Beckerman whom I love came to Charlotte on her “lost in suburbia” book tour.

As one of the truly funniest people I’ve ever met, I suggest you get her book if you have kids, don’t have kids yet, or hate kids (birth control.)


I don’t plan on growing old gracefully, that’s for losers who give up. I turned 38. That sucks. Spent the birthday weekend in CHS (no bridge picture, because I drank too much and ate too much) the trip did not suck, unless sucking in my stomach to fit in my jeans the following Monday counts. I ate and drank so many awesome things it was out of control. I took this picture at the Market, totally sums up our 48 hour bender.



According to YELP, in 48 hours we did the following “Charleston Gluttony Tour” - Hominy Grill, Tommy Condon’s, Husk, High Cotton, Mac’s, Pavilion on the roof, Toast, Charleston Beer Works, Burwell’s, and Henry’s. oink oink oink oink oink.

Shaye just had her 5th birthday, which is ridiculous.

IMG_1409 shayecake

I know pictures of the kids make my family happy so here’s a recap of Spring. No Easter pictures, because sitting around eating potato salad while picking Easter grass up every two seconds wasn’t exciting.

IMG_1539 IMG_1314

For the past 2 weeks, Shaye has worn bat ears to school. Every day.Brinn is obsessed with makeup, especially lipstick. Brinn being cute resulted in Shaye:

IMG_1309 IMG_1316

Maeve is a typical teen girl who loves to love herself in selfies.


Bryce had a job and finished his first year at Charleston. Within a week he moved home, got a job with me, got fired, I took his car and phone and we’re currently working on that…

power trip . Okay. That was too much excitement. No wonder I never blog. Zzzzzzzz.




My first bird leaves the nest.

My first born is grown.

It’s a bittersweet moment to see my teen pregnancy graduate from high school. Six months after I graduated from high school, I had a very scary and uncertain future ahead of me. How would I ever have the ability to raise a child? Now that child is leaving me and heading off to college.

This has been a 17 year whirlwind.

Also, the College of Charleston is not cheap so homeboy better not screw it up.


Congratulations, Bryce. I’m a pain in your ass, but I love you too.


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