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What we think of YELP. (via Charlotte Observer)

Here’s the link to our interview with Marty Minchin of The Observer.

We love yelp. We use yelp. But we don’t totally agree with all of the stuff that other guy in the article said. Typically, if someone has something negative to say about a business, it ends up on the internet. Sadly, people have a habit of criticizing small stuff before businesses have a chance to correct an issue.

Lucky for us, we are so small that we can acknowledge issues with our customers on a one on one basis. And even luckier, we don’t have people get upset over things often. Complaints we receive are usually “why didn’t you make anything with peanut butter today???” (for real, #1 complaint.)

So thank you, people who know how to use social media outlets, the people who don’t just complain, but know how to tell us when we do a good job, too. Because we really do try every day to make sure everyone enjoys our desserts. We work too hard for people to think we suck. Thanks for your business, as it’s the customers that make us a success!



That time I met Andy Cohen…


Everybody that knows me, knows that I am a Bravoaholic. I have been since laying my fat pregnant ass on the bed watching Season 1 of Real Housewives of the OC, and from there I was hooked. I’ve blogged/rambled about some episodes and characters, I even had a facebook conversation with Tamra Barney a few years ago because I was being creepy and obsessed one day. (I was not rude, I’m not that creepy….more like Mandie’s hand in the above picture creepy….) I’ve also blogged about the crazy Real Housewives Barbie cakes I’ve made for Tricia:

first was Kim Zolciak with her “ring on it” cigarette, wine and a baby-

then there was Teresa Guidice, whom I met but I don’t think she loved it….

photo (1)and then Tricia’s birthday cake last year, Taylor Armstrong:


(yes, I’m super lazy and screen shotting instagram- I’m on my 3rd busted laptop in a year thanks to my tiny 4 yr old terrorist). ANYWAY.

We heard Andy was coming to town as the guest speaker for the first “Shine For Women” event uptown. The event raised money for various cancer organizations throughout the city. Andy was headliner and host, joined by the Shades of Pink choir from ATL, and Jeanne Jolly from Raleigh (who has one hell of a voice, y’all.)

So Tricia knows people and those people got us in with Andy. Nobody I know is kooky crazier for Bravo than Tricia, Mandie and myself. And then the plan began. Barbie? Sort of.

Andy got a “Ken-dy” cake:

Mandie did the real “cake”- stache-tabulous and BRAVO logo while Andifying Ken, Susie and I did the cupcake bottom. Royal pain in the ass, but Andy was worth it.

Here’s the construction site.

So we were able to have a chat with him, but the best part of all? “Ken-dy” is sitting on Andy’s WWHL dressing room table. We know this because we stalk follow him on twitter.


Mind blown. Even if he was tweeting about the cool candle someone gave him, and not his doll, but whatever. We met Andy and accidentally ended up at the P!nk concert. Pretty much the best night since Mumford...


Cupcrazed on Wilson’s World

This is Cupcrazed’s 2nd year participating in the Charlotte “Sweet Tooth Festival”.

me & wilson


Each of the vendors participating in this event are aiding to fund raise for the Charlotte RAIN organization. I get asked for donations, participation, hand outs, freebees, and all kinds of shit every day, all day long. But not only do I love the people who put this event on, the cause is always a great one. The best part about being a small business owner? I get to choose who I give our money to. And trust me, cupcakes don’t make me much. But when I do something with my name, product and my time, you can bet it’s for a damn good reason. Everyone at this event had something wonderful for 300 guests- (that’s a LOT y’all) and these guest are not only there for goodies, but to support a wonderful organization.

Below is the link to our FOX News Rising Spot on Wilson’s World. I am amused that his coworkers thought I made him nervous. Which I may have, as I’m typically unpredictably inappropriate…..and thanks to Steve at Black Lion for thinking we were funny and not ridiculous. (I hope.)


Cupcrazed on FOX

5:30 am, like a boss.

And thanks to Rachel, who chose us to be morning entertainment. ;) I love you as much as I love sushi, and that’s A LOT!

The event was fabulous of course, and I cannot wait to attend again next year. This is what we brought this year. Taste the rainbow!

mom 125





Code for crazyteresa4 people who are so addicted to Bravo that they understand what I just wrote.

After our trip to Blogher, we met the amazing and fabulous Tracy Beckerman who works for someone and knows people and is all up in Lifetime Television’s Business in a “fabulous” way. (pun, get it, housewives fans?) So Lifetime Tv’s “The Balancing Act” came to Charlotte on their road tour for our Charlotte Southern Women’s Show. A handful of bloggers got to go behind the scenes for all sorts of cool shit they would write about, and then there was me.

I bribe people with cake.

If I sift back through old posts HERE, I can find weird crap I wrote about the Real Housewives. Because 4 years ago I had nothing better to do than critique whacknuts on a reality tv show. (Today I post it to twitter in under 140 characters). But when Tricia and I found out Teresa Guidice was going to be there, we were IN it.

I’ve posted before, Tricia is obsessed with Barbie cakes, for her birthday a few years ago I got fancy and made THIS. And last year I made THIS. So why would we not make one for Teresa? She is smiling in that picture, but she totally thought we were mocking her.

And no, it wasn’t to mock her. But we did get drunk while making it.


Truth be told she was extremely nice in person, even if her reputation as a table flipping psychopath precedes her.

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