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I had no idea Chicago was named after onions.

You learn something new every day. We’ve spent a few months researching fun things to do on our upcoming visit to Chi-town. When Bob said we were heading there to see Pearl Jam, I chuckled because many of our vacations revolve around band stalking. Also, I said last year that I probably wasn’t attending Blogher this summer, but the stars aligned and it looks like I’m going to be working it, which is more my speed.

I’m okay being “those” people that google “top 10 things to do in ____.”  I’ve said this plenty before, no shame. There are three vacation motivating factors for me- booze, food and water. I grew up on an island between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. For people who aren’t familiar, I’m talking about “Buffalo wings, Canadian Beer and Niagara Falls.” We have particular (or peculiar) requirements when it comes to food, drinks and entertainment.

After some searching, I came across a few of the “top 10 best” of Chicago that caught my eye. Apparently the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum has over 1,000 butterfly conservatory. What person with butterfly tattoos all over their back (ahem- hand raised) wouldn’t want to hang around with over 1,000 flying insects? I also want to check out the National Vietnam Veteran’s Museum - I’m curious if I’ll see anything related to my father, which is very possible and would be totally cool. I wasn’t even aware that this existed.

Lastly, I’m super excited for one of my favorite vacation things of all- BOATING. We’re taking a Seadog Lakefront Fireworks Cruise at Navy Pier. Growing up on Lake Erie, we could take our boat down the Niagara River to downtown Buffalo and watch fireworks after a Bisons game. When we took the kids to NYC last Christmas, they loved the boat tour of Manhattan. I’m pumped to do the city boat tour with a fireworks show over Chicago. This is an awesome hook up, I can’t wait. Below is info on their cruises, and can you say “PHOTO OPs?!” #instagramminglikeabawse


Are you ready for an entertaining cruise experience along Chicago’s scenic lakefront? Come out to Navy Pier and let Seadog show you the city April-October, weather permitting. Seadog offers four exciting ways to see and experience Chicago from the water:
Lakefront Speedboat Tour  This 30-minute cruise along the shoreline offers a descriptive tour of Chicago’s famous skyline, while playing your favorite music. 
Extreme Thrill Ride  This cruise is perfect for the dare-devil in you! This 30-minute ride features splash down stops, 180-degree turns, slalom runs and more. 
River and Lake Architectural Tour  Enjoy historic views of Chicago’s famous landmarks and neighborhoods during this 75-minute cruise on both Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. 
Lakefront Fireworks Cruise  Enjoy front-row seats to the spectacular fireworks display aboard our Lakefront Fireworks Cruise! Cruise along Lake Michigan with an exciting speedboat ride paired with an informative tour of the Chicago skyline, then end the evening with a dazzling fireworks show and top-40 hits playing in the background! The open aired vessel allows for panoramic views, providing a perfect view. The Seadog Fireworks Cruise is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays, running from Memorial Day – Labor Day. 
Seadog is great for both individuals and groups. We offer customizable group events for up to 450 people. Seadog also features specific holiday cruises, such as Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Halloween. Not only can you enjoy a Seadog Cruise, but your dog can as well! Dogs ride for free, space permitting.
 For more information, please visit or call 888-636-7737.

What we think of YELP. (via Charlotte Observer)

Here’s the link to our interview with Marty Minchin of The Observer.

We love yelp. We use yelp. But we don’t totally agree with all of the stuff that other guy in the article said. Typically, if someone has something negative to say about a business, it ends up on the internet. Sadly, people have a habit of criticizing small stuff before businesses have a chance to correct an issue.

Lucky for us, we are so small that we can acknowledge issues with our customers on a one on one basis. And even luckier, we don’t have people get upset over things often. Complaints we receive are usually “why didn’t you make anything with peanut butter today???” (for real, #1 complaint.)

So thank you, people who know how to use social media outlets, the people who don’t just complain, but know how to tell us when we do a good job, too. Because we really do try every day to make sure everyone enjoys our desserts. We work too hard for people to think we suck. Thanks for your business, as it’s the customers that make us a success!



Aiming Low Non-Con, For bloggers AND bakers.

AnotherIMG_2599 conference under my belt, and I’m still a blogging slack ass. I keep thinking if I go to these conference, I’ll get motivated to work on my business blog. Because this “flog” (fake blog) just don’t count for shit.

People ask me ALL OF THE TIME: “why do you go to those things, you aren’t a writer.” No, assholes. I’m not. I don’t pretend to be either.

I enjoy being around writers or creative people in general. But because I am not a writer, I get uninspired and discouraged easily. It’s not like I want to BE a writer, I just wanted to tell funny stories and do weird shit. Or do weird shit and tell funny stories about it. I have good ideas for my business and want to connect the two. I enjoy getting advice from people in a field I’m not familiar with, but they are.

Some days I don’t have time to take a shower let alone read a bunch of blogs. I am much better keeping up with a scrolling twitter feed, and watching “stories” or conversation in 140 characters. Once in a while, a link pops up in my feed and I HAVE to stop, click, and read.

But there was one person that inspired me to even START a blog, just as an online journal for myself. Ree Drummond. I didn’t know her name 6 years ago, but I sure as hell knew I found her by googling a recipe I think. I was pregnant, puking but always hungry. It was early 2006 maybe. When I first started reading her blog, it was simple, easy, filled with pictures and great recipes. And then she BLEW UP. All around the internet you saw stay at home moms, and former business women turned “inspiring online journal writers”, and “want-to-be-but-cant-make-it-with-a-publisher” dabblers getting a shit ton of attention for “blogging.”

Then Ree had a cookbook, and another book, and finally a tv show. If there was ever a “blogger” that could inspire business success for me? It’s her. I felt lucky to be sitting in an intimate group of people (considering the sheer size of Aiming Low to the monster anxiety filled Blogher GAH- kill me!) listening to her story. To me, she is absolutely inspiring.

At Aiming Low I was able to meet new people, and spend “quality” time and drinks with (mostly) ladies I met at Blogher and TypeACon. We had a blast, because that’s what Tricia and I do.


Unlucky people go to work conferences and sleep with their eyeballs open and consider conferences a drag. But this group of bloggers and bakers, well we happen to have super powers.




NYC & BanShe Party. (as opposed to banshees)

How do you spell hangover? CHEESEBURGER.

We couldn’t waste our free day in NYC screwing around with hangovers, so we started the day with wine and burgers  hydrating and protein.

We ate at a cute bistro overlooking Rockefeller Center, and for dessert we headed over to Magnolia Bakery. OF COURSE.

 and then 

Not so awesome. They’re a little more expensive than mine, but 1/3 the size. Also, the frosting definitely has vegetable shortening in it. They did not get the memo red velvet is suppose to be cream cheese…And they were very dry (so at least I can tell they baked them themselves). Next time someone bitches about our cupcakes I will totally laugh. We each took 1 bite and pitched the box.

hung out at the Met for a few hours, saw the Prada show and some NAKED people…


Hangover time out…Kelly sleeping with her phone, TPO and I harassing my daughter who is now positive I am a lesbian because I sleep with women all of the time.


Time Square where I almost fell square on my face in too-high of heels.

And last but not least we attended BanShe. I had NO idea it was going to be “that” kind of party…and by “that” I mean, can you see what’s in our hands?? wink wink*

LOVE Tracy Beckerman!

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