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That time I met Andy Cohen…


Everybody that knows me, knows that I am a Bravoaholic. I have been since laying my fat pregnant ass on the bed watching Season 1 of Real Housewives of the OC, and from there I was hooked. I’ve blogged/rambled about some episodes and characters, I even had a facebook conversation with Tamra Barney a few years ago because I was being creepy and obsessed one day. (I was not rude, I’m not that creepy….more like Mandie’s hand in the above picture creepy….) I’ve also blogged about the crazy Real Housewives Barbie cakes I’ve made for Tricia:

first was Kim Zolciak with her “ring on it” cigarette, wine and a baby-

then there was Teresa Guidice, whom I met but I don’t think she loved it….

photo (1)and then Tricia’s birthday cake last year, Taylor Armstrong:


(yes, I’m super lazy and screen shotting instagram- I’m on my 3rd busted laptop in a year thanks to my tiny 4 yr old terrorist). ANYWAY.

We heard Andy was coming to town as the guest speaker for the first “Shine For Women” event uptown. The event raised money for various cancer organizations throughout the city. Andy was headliner and host, joined by the Shades of Pink choir from ATL, and Jeanne Jolly from Raleigh (who has one hell of a voice, y’all.)

So Tricia knows people and those people got us in with Andy. Nobody I know is kooky crazier for Bravo than Tricia, Mandie and myself. And then the plan began. Barbie? Sort of.

Andy got a “Ken-dy” cake:

Mandie did the real “cake”- stache-tabulous and BRAVO logo while Andifying Ken, Susie and I did the cupcake bottom. Royal pain in the ass, but Andy was worth it.

Here’s the construction site.

So we were able to have a chat with him, but the best part of all? “Ken-dy” is sitting on Andy’s WWHL dressing room table. We know this because we stalk follow him on twitter.


Mind blown. Even if he was tweeting about the cool candle someone gave him, and not his doll, but whatever. We met Andy and accidentally ended up at the P!nk concert. Pretty much the best night since Mumford...


Aiming Low Non-Con, For bloggers AND bakers.

AnotherIMG_2599 conference under my belt, and I’m still a blogging slack ass. I keep thinking if I go to these conference, I’ll get motivated to work on my business blog. Because this “flog” (fake blog) just don’t count for shit.

People ask me ALL OF THE TIME: “why do you go to those things, you aren’t a writer.” No, assholes. I’m not. I don’t pretend to be either.

I enjoy being around writers or creative people in general. But because I am not a writer, I get uninspired and discouraged easily. It’s not like I want to BE a writer, I just wanted to tell funny stories and do weird shit. Or do weird shit and tell funny stories about it. I have good ideas for my business and want to connect the two. I enjoy getting advice from people in a field I’m not familiar with, but they are.

Some days I don’t have time to take a shower let alone read a bunch of blogs. I am much better keeping up with a scrolling twitter feed, and watching “stories” or conversation in 140 characters. Once in a while, a link pops up in my feed and I HAVE to stop, click, and read.

But there was one person that inspired me to even START a blog, just as an online journal for myself. Ree Drummond. I didn’t know her name 6 years ago, but I sure as hell knew I found her by googling a recipe I think. I was pregnant, puking but always hungry. It was early 2006 maybe. When I first started reading her blog, it was simple, easy, filled with pictures and great recipes. And then she BLEW UP. All around the internet you saw stay at home moms, and former business women turned “inspiring online journal writers”, and “want-to-be-but-cant-make-it-with-a-publisher” dabblers getting a shit ton of attention for “blogging.”

Then Ree had a cookbook, and another book, and finally a tv show. If there was ever a “blogger” that could inspire business success for me? It’s her. I felt lucky to be sitting in an intimate group of people (considering the sheer size of Aiming Low to the monster anxiety filled Blogher GAH- kill me!) listening to her story. To me, she is absolutely inspiring.

At Aiming Low I was able to meet new people, and spend “quality” time and drinks with (mostly) ladies I met at Blogher and TypeACon. We had a blast, because that’s what Tricia and I do.


Unlucky people go to work conferences and sleep with their eyeballs open and consider conferences a drag. But this group of bloggers and bakers, well we happen to have super powers.



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